Precinct Officers

Precinct Officer Compilation List.xlsx

Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations

Captain: This is a volunteer grassroots position primarily used for election campaigns; facilitates voter registration and absentee ballot access; leads the get out the vote outreach efforts; distributes campaign and party literature; promotes the party; and addresses voter concerns. The Precinct Officer is a member of the County Committee in which they reside.

Co-Captain: The Precinct Co-Captain is to assist and support the Precinct Captain in carrying out important tasks and act as a go-between for the Precinct Captain and other key stakeholders as needed.

Youth Captain: The Precinct Youth Captain, who shall be forty (40) years old or younger when elected, shall encourage party engagement among young voters and conduct activities and responsibilities designated to the Precinct Captain. Design and implement programs that will build engagement among young voters throughout the precinct.