County Committee

AUTHORITY (RPK Rule 4.01): Each County Committee shall be under the authority of its respective Congressional District Committee which in turn shall be under the full authority of the Republican State Central Committee.


Precinct Officers: Precinct Captain, Precinct Co-Captains and Precinct Youth Captain

County Committee Officers (RPK Rule 5.07): Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Youth Chairman

(Optional) Elected Republican Officials: Each County Committee may, by a majority vote of the County Committee, include as members any or all elected Republican officials who reside in the county.

(Optional) Ward, District or Area Captains: In addition to Precinct Committees, County Committees may, by a majority vote, establish Ward, District or Area Captains over groups of Precincts in that County. Such Captains will be full-voting members of the County Committee.

(Optional) Executive Committee: County Committees (including those subject to RPK Rule 4.06), by majority vote of the County Committee, may elect an Executive Committee or not less than nine (9) members, who need not be Precinct Officers. No such Executive Committee shall assume any authority or be officially recognized in any way unless and until Republican State Headquarters has received written notification of the election of said Executive Committee. In the event that such an Executive Committee is elected it shall thereafter function in place of the County Committee until a new County Committee takes office as provided in RPK Rule 5.07. The new County Committee decided whether or not to form an Executive Committee.

OFFICERS (RPK Rule 5.07): The County Committee may, on the same day and in the same locations as the Precinct Conventions, but not later than thirty (30) days following the Precinct Conventions, meet and elect County Officers, who need not already be members of the County Committee. The County Committee Officers shall include:

  • County Chairman

  • County Vice-Chairman

  • County Secretary

  • County Treasurer

  • County Youth Chairman