Statutory Duties

Precinct Election Officers (KRS 117.045): On or before March 15 of each year, each County Committee will designate in writing to the County Board of Elections a list of not less than four (4) names to each precinct. If lists are submitted, the County Board of Elections shall select one (1) judge at each voting place from each political party's list, and the County Board shall select the Sheriff from one (1) political party's list and the clerk from the other.

Special Election Precinct Elections Officers (KRS 117.045): If a special election is ordered to be held in a year in which no elections are scheduled, the County Committee of each county in the territory affected by the special election, shall not later than 28 days preceding the date of the special election, submit a written list of nominees for precinct election officers to serve in the special election in the manner described in KRS 117.045.

County Board of Elections (KRS 118.015): Following the elections of persons to statewide office, each County Committee will nominate a list of five (5) Republicans for the County Board of Elections by sending the same on a form provided by the State Board of Elections to Republican State Headquarters. Republican State Headquarters shall submit said list to the State Board of Elections. One (1) member to the County Board of Elections will be appointed from the list submitted.

Nominees (noted in RPK Rule 8.02): Wherever else Public or Party law requires the filing of a nomination by a Party Committee, the lowest level Precinct, County, or District Committee embracing the entire geographic area of the office for which a nomination is to be made, shall make such nominations. Wherever this rule refers to a "County Committee" the County's Executive Committee, if one has been created pursuant to Rule 4.06 or 4.08, shall function instead.