Precinct Committee

A precinct is a geographic area or division of a county, where all voters living within its boundaries vote at a centralized location. The precinct is the most basic grassroots unit of the Republican Party. All activities of the party originate and stem from the many precincts across the state of Kentucky as well as the nation.

AUTHORITY (RPK Rule 1.04): Each such Precinct Committee shall be under the authority of its respective County Committee.

MEMBERSHIP (RPK Rule 5.02): Every registered Republican in the precinct is eligible to participate in the Precinct Elections; however, every registered Republican is not considered a member of the Precinct Committee. The Precinct Officers must reside in the precinct in which they serve unless vacancies are being filled. In the instance a vacancy occurs, the individual who fills the Precinct Officer position need not reside in the precinct in which they are elected to serve (RPK Rule 4.09). The Precinct Committee shall consist of a:

  • Precinct Captain

  • Precinct Co-Captain

  • Precinct Youth Captain (who must be forty years of age or younger when elected)


  • Precinct Committee Elections (RPK Rule 5.04): In the year in which the President is elected, all precincts shall hold elections for party office pursuant to the Call to Reorganize issued, not sooner than February 15 but not later than March 31. The Precinct Committee Elections are the beginning of the entire Republican Party reorganization process.

  • Serve on the County Committee: Officers of the Precinct Committee serve on the County Committee and are responsible for all duties noted in the Official RPK Rules, unless the County Committee elects a County Executive Committee. The County Committee may elect an Executive Committee of not less than nine (9) members, who need not be Precinct Officers. The Executive Committee, upon election shall thereafter function in place of the County Committee for all purposes.

  • Other Responsibilities: Responsibilities and duties of the Precinct Committee and Precinct Officers vary from county to county. As each precinct's needs differ, so may the roles and responsibilities.


RPK Rule 2.09 (c): Any member or officer of a District, County, Precinct or other Party Committee, may be removed by the RSCC for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in office by the same method provided in 2.09 (b).

RPK Rule 2.09 (d): After giving 30-day notice, the Executive Committee, by vote of a majority of the members then present and voting, may declare vacant the seat of any party office holder who supports or supported (during the current or prior-year's General Election) the opponent of a Republican nominee for local, statewide, or national office. Any party officer above may be removed without cause from said office by the Committee of which he is an officer. That is, any of the State Chairmain, State Vice-Chairman, or State Secretary may be removed by the Executive Committee; any of the five (5) District Officers may be removed by the District Committee; and any of the five County Officers, or precinct officers, may be removed by the County Committee. Reference RPK Rules for full removal process.