Duties & Responsibilities

As each county's needs differ, so do the duties and responsibilities of each County Committee. Below you will find the specific responsibilities noted in the official RPK Rules. County Committees have the ability to identify additional priorities and objectives.

  • General Responsibilities (RPK Rule 1.04): Responsible for managing and directing party affairs in the County, collecting and disbursing Party funds, promoting campaigns of Republican candidates at the national, state and local levels, and exercising such other duties, authorities, or privileges as imposed or granted either by State or Federal law, the rules of the Republican National Committee, and the rules of the Republican Party of Kentucky.

  • Dues (RPK Rule 4.07): The County Committee, by majority vote, may establish annual dues for its membership. The failure to pay dues by August 31st of each year shall constitute cause for removal of any member.

  • Define Membership of the County Committee: Elect County Party Officers, and decide whether to vote on the following: including Elected Republican Officials as members of the County Committee; to establish Ward, District or Area Captains over groups of Precincts in that County; to elect an Executive Committee which thereafter functions in place of the County Committee.

  • Fill Vacancies (RPK Rule 4.09): Vacancies in the County Committee will be filled by the County Committee, except that long-standing vacancies may be filled by the State Chairman as provided in Rule 2.08. All such vacancies filled by the County Committee shall be reported, in writing, within 10 days to the State Republican Headquarters (see rule 4.09 for other specifics)

  • Party Organization (RPK Rule 5): The County Committee is responsible for conducting the Precinct Committee Elections and the County Committee Election and shall follow the method of election for each subscribed in the Official RPK Rules (reference RPK Rule 5).

  • Delegated and Alternate Delegates to District and State Conventions (RPK Rule 6.02): Not sooner than March 1 but not later than March 31, during each year in which a Presidential election is held, each County Committee shall conduct a County Mass Meeting of registered Republican voters in the county to elect (a) a slate of delegates and alternate delegates to the District Convention (b) a slate of delegates and alternate delegates to the State Convention (c) one delegate from that county to serve on each of the five District Convention Committees (Credentials Committee, Rules Committee, Committee on Permanent Organization, Nominations Committee, Resolutions Committee). The County Committee shall serve as the Nominating Committee which will nominate a slate for each type of office to be filled.

  • Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus (RPK Rule 9.03): If the RSCC votes to distribute the authorized delegate votes at the Republican National Convention by a party caucus, each County Committee shall create a County Caucus Plan and execute Republican Caucuses in their precincts per the guidelines established in the RPK Rules.

  • Appeals (RPK Rule 10.04): Any ruling by a subordinate committee or Chairman which affects the Party interest or the rights of any candidate for a nomination or the right of any person to hold any place in the Party organization shall be subject to appeal in the manner provided herin. All contests and controversies arising in City, Precinct, Magisterial District and County matters shall be ruled upon by the County Committee; provided, however, the losing party may appeal for a hearing to a special Republican Congressional District committee.